Ixchel. Rhymes with "sea shell".

The Name of the Moon Goddess, Patroness of the Weavers and Artisans of the Mayan Highlands.

Ixchel, Inc. is located in the Connecticut River Valley, and has been in business since 1987. We began as, and still are, a wholesale company selling to boutiques in our niche of the Specialty Retail trade, also known as "Hippie Shops"; and many of our products can be found from other retailers. We design and manufacture all our products. We are pleased to have this chance to offer our products directly to consumers in the music-inspired culture we identify with. We are always developing and introducing new products, and we showcase a new collection every year in late winter/early spring.

All Ixchel products are made for us in a worker managed facility in an indigenous village in the Guatemalan highlands.The ethics of our business model are simply this: community development through community empowerment.Our investment in the community amounts to much more than just wages paid to artisans; it involves working with local suppliers, local agents, local contractors, local everything. Together with our principal suppliers, we are pleased to have the opportunity to choose the best, the most community active and progressive individuals and organizations to be our sub-contractors, and trust them to know what is best for their own community.

We are familiar with, and are happy to say that all of our business practices fully comply with the guidelines established by the International Fair Trade Code of Practice.

Our products are also sold by authorized quality vendors at jam music festivals across the United States, the factory team sets up an official Ixchel booth at the bigger jam festivals on the East Coast each summer.

We take great pride in all of our products and we are pleased to stand behind them.

Send us an e-mail at customerservice@ixchel.net


On the launching of our new Theme.

October 13, 2014

To all our friends, our patrons, consumers and retailers, colleagues, suppliers, competitors and first-time lookers, we hope you like the new look of our site! We have put a lot of effort into it; and we have had some great help. We wanted to have our site re-done before Holiday Season 2014, and we just made it. We have a lot more work to do; we will be updating the images and editing the info on our current collection, and we are excited to be showcasing some new products, mostly fall/winter outerwear, in the coming weeks. We know the site navigation still needs improvement, and we will be working on it steadily, to try to bring you the best... Continue Reading →